The famous walls or grids of the various social accounts have become your window to the world. That’s why the Fabbio’s team, thinking about your image, creates or checks company profiles with personalised content on Social Networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Moreover, thanks to tested platforms, Fabbio helps your company through interactions with other accounts, with direct messages or simple comments. The acquisition of new followers, who can also become new customers, along with sponsored and customised campaigns within the Social world, with a highly profiled audience, can only improve your business.


The much talked about GIF. We do not create gifs to enjoy with your brand. We create them targeted to make sure they are found randomly and showcase your company to the many users of Instagram and beyond.


For the image of your company it can be important to have a website that acts as a virtual showcase or an e-commerce where you can sell your products. It is an electronic business card that, today, makes you available in global searches. A simple, accurate, reliable and user-friendly website or e-commerce site can make a difference to your business.


Everything coordinated with your image. Even the design of the space in a private home, but above all of a business, a receptive space, a work environment, is fundamental not only on the practical side but also on the aesthetic side. Dimensions, transit spaces, materials, colours, acoustics, architectural barriers, are all components to be evaluated before work starts, thinking about your brand identity.


Through the use of symbols combined with psychology, images, photography and illustration we transform your ideas and emotions into visual representations and messages to enhance your business: logos and brands, advertising, web design, communication design, packaging and how much your company can serve.


Want to improve your brand or simply create a product to increase your market visibility? In any case, we use targeted marketing strategies to develop and implement projects to increase the value of your company and your brand identity. We use everything we need to reach the heart of your customers.


Want to activate emotions? Want to get people to act? We do it with words. With the creation of more or less long content, sometimes even just a single word, perhaps simply a hashtag. Here’s what copywriting is for us. In a social post or in the text of a site, in a press release or in a cover letter, it is an integral and fundamental part of our work and your image.


SUBLIME MILANO was established in the fashion district of Milan, in a historic building from 1900.

The sublime expression of beauty and grandeur, in its highest degree: fashion, lifestyle, design.

This business, created in collaboration between PR experts in the digital sector, fashion and design, carries out public relations activities and press office duties with a specialisation in the fashion sector.

The focus is both on brands in start-ups and already established companies, taking care of public relations by utilising the most influential show-biz / web characters, and promoting the company’s visibility through the best Italian and international newspapers.